Best Options for Long Distance Business Meetings

Long Distance Business MeetingsThere comes a time when businesses have to have meeting with partners, clients or employees over a long distance. Thankfully, we live in an age where long distance business meetings can be handled efficiently. With technology, we are able to communicate with one another easily. If you are ever in a predicament that requires a long distance meeting to take place, you will find the below options to be great choices for your needs.

Video Teleconferencing

Video teleconferencing is a great tool for long distance meetings because it enables you to see and hear your counterparts. If you are using a great provider, you will have high quality feed coming through your computer. You will need to have a laptop or desktop computer that has a webcam, microphone and speakers. It’s almost as good as meeting face to face, since you are able to interact in the same way, without the physical touch. Video teleconferences are commonly used for complex tasks that involve showcasing work or doing demonstrations. It’s a great replacement for when you can’t be in the same room. [Read more...]