5 Greatest Things about Not Having an Office

internet computerMost start-ups founded today will never have a real office to call their own. Most will never actually need one since most work can be done with computers over the internet. There are some who might feel like the newest generation of workers is missing out on something because they will never know how it feels to hang around the water-cooler or experience the thrill of upgrading to a corner office.

While there are certainly reasons to miss the old office, there are also many reasons to be glad those days are over. Here are five reasons you should be glad that you don’t have to deal with an office anymore.
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How to Use the Internet to Test a New Business Idea for Free

How to Use the Internet to Test a New Business Idea for FreeThe Internet is a great resource for many things, especially when it comes to businesses. If you have a new business idea that you would like to test out, you can do so for free with the help of the Web. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Create a free Web page. There are plenty of Web site builders that you can use to build a free page. If you already have a Web site, you can create the page there. The idea is to use the page to offer customers something before it’s truly available – just to see the demand for it.
  2. Research keywords for the page. The keywords you search for should be related to the new product or service that you are planning to offer. Make sure to use the most popular keywords for your niche and then use them on the Web page.
  3. Run an adwords Test. Google offers a pay per click ad service that you can use to test out advertisements. Google Adwords is pretty easy to use and it can be used to do A/B testing to see which ads perform better. You can test out different keywords and copy to see what gets the most feedback.

Test and test some more. Once you have set up your Google Adwords campaign, you can begin looking at the numbers, which will show how many clicks your ads get daily, weekly and monthly. The ads with the most clicks should be used in the future, especially if it is converting visitors into inquirers (make sure the Web landing page has a contact form).