5 Rules for Naming Your Startup

Blank business card in the hands of a businessman
Today, you’ll find many startup businesses that have poorly chosen names. Some have names like PWRT (consonants without vowels), while others have smashed together words that leave their name with little meaning. Choosing the right name for your business is very important. Here are a couple of rules you should follow:

1. Don’t base your name on URL availability. A lot of startups think up a name and then do a search to see if the domain name is taken. Then if it is, alternate spellings are tried. Yet, instead, you should base your name off of the real world – after all this will be a part of your branding.

2. Your business name should make a good first impression, so refrain from using misspellings and adding on Zs at the end.

3. Don’t make it so that you have to constantly pronounce your business name for or explain your business name to people. This is an avoidable hurdle that you shouldn’t have to jump over, especially if you’re making a pitch to people.

4. Use a name that is descriptive. If a name you invented a name and saw that it was already taken as a domain, you can pair it with a descriptive word instead.

5. Don’t change your business name just because you shift the focus of your company. As long as the name wasn’t tied to a product or service and the identity and value of your business haven’t changed, then you should consider keeping the name.