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6 Unique Ways to Shorten Your Workweek

spend time with familyWhen your own a business, it’s easy to fall into the 80-hour, 7-day workweek. Entrepreneurs are usually a lot busier than the average office worker because there are lots of things to be done. But by working smarter instead of harder, you can easily shorten your workweek and have more time to spend at home. Below, you will find six unique ways that you can achieve this goal:

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10 Traits That All Entrepreneurs Share

EntrepreneursEntrepreneurship is something that not everyone can go after. However, those that do tend to have the same traits – especially the entrepreneurs who turn out to be successful. Let’s take a look at the traits that drive entrepreneurs’ need to succeed.

A Strong Determination

In order to venture into a business idea, you have to be really determined. Otherwise, you’re just throwing out ideas and not making things happen. Someone who becomes an entrepreneur tends to have that strong determination that gives them enough fuel to turn ideas into actionable events. [Read more...]

4 Secrets to Scaling Your Business Responsibly

4 Secrets to Scaling Your Business ResponsiblyStarting a business is great, but eventually, you may want to grow it into a big company that can almost compete with larger corporations. First, you have to learn the right steps to take to bring your business from infancy to a well-established, growing business. Scaling your business can be done in many ways, but doing it responsibly is the key. You don’t want to get too carried away with attempts to grow your company, especially if it could end up costing you dearly. The goal is to use actionable steps that are more likely to give your business growth, not bankrupt you. [Read more...]

How to Use the Internet to Test a New Business Idea for Free

How to Use the Internet to Test a New Business Idea for FreeThe Internet is a great resource for many things, especially when it comes to businesses. If you have a new business idea that you would like to test out, you can do so for free with the help of the Web. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Create a free Web page. There are plenty of Web site builders that you can use to build a free page. If you already have a Web site, you can create the page there. The idea is to use the page to offer customers something before it’s truly available – just to see the demand for it.
  2. Research keywords for the page. The keywords you search for should be related to the new product or service that you are planning to offer. Make sure to use the most popular keywords for your niche and then use them on the Web page.
  3. Run an adwords Test. Google offers a pay per click ad service that you can use to test out advertisements. Google Adwords is pretty easy to use and it can be used to do A/B testing to see which ads perform better. You can test out different keywords and copy to see what gets the most feedback.

Test and test some more. Once you have set up your Google Adwords campaign, you can begin looking at the numbers, which will show how many clicks your ads get daily, weekly and monthly. The ads with the most clicks should be used in the future, especially if it is converting visitors into inquirers (make sure the Web landing page has a contact form).

Two Easy Tools for Building Business Web Sites

Two Easy Tools for Building Business Web SitesAn online presence is everything in the business world. In today’s time, everyone is looking for products and services via the Internet, which means you’ll need to have your site up and running, and ready to be found. If you are strapped in funds and don’t want to hire a Web designer, you can use these three easy tools to build your own business Web site.

Get Your Business Online

This is a Google owned platform that can be used to create your digital business identity. You’ll be able to choose the design of the Web site and fully customize it to your liking. Then all you have to worry about doing is adding content. This platform is ideal for business owners that don’t have any coding skills. Since the site will be on Google servers, you know that your site will be up and running majority of the time. Domain names are also cheap at around $7.


Homestead is another Web site builder and host that you can use easily. It comes with templates that are industry related, allowing you to get a design and stock photos that are related to your market. Of course, you can remove them and add your own photos, graphics and logo. This platform comes with 250,000 images that you can use for free as well. Customizations are limited with this platform, but if you’re looking to build a site for a brick and mortar business, then this could be for you.

Which Characteristic Best Describes You as an Entrepreneur?

Which Characteristic Best Describes You as an EntrepreneurThere are thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs out there, running businesses, starting businesses and thinking up new business ideas. Just as not every business is the same, neither are entrepreneurs. If you are on the quest to entrepreneurship, understanding the type of entrepreneur you are can help you to make the right business decisions going forward.

The Builder

Under this characteristic, entrepreneurs who are like a builder tend to be like chess players. They like to think ahead of the competitor, getting them into a checkmate. These types of entrepreneurs also tend to be ruthless and focused. Pretty much like a Donald Trump.

The Opportunist

A lot of entrepreneurs fall under this category. This is for those who are always looking for opportunities and being in the right place at the right time. These individuals are risk-takers, jumping into deals based on a gut feeling.

The Specialist

These are the guru entrepreneurs that we hear a lot about on the Internet. Entrepreneurs that are classified as specialists tend to stick to the same industry for decades. This isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert in a niche.

The Innovator

This is the cool guy of the bunch who is always looking to change the game. Innovative entrepreneurs are always looking to set new trends. This individual is likely to have many different startups going within the same year because of all the many ideas that he or she has.

Best Ways to Avoid Procrastinating as a Small Business Owner

Best Ways to Avoid Procrastinating as a Small Business OwnerProcrastination can rear its ugly head at any time. For the small business owner, there’s essentially zero time to deal with the procrastination beast. Know how to spot it and how to nix it so it doesn’t cut into your productivity in a major way.

  • Know your triggers.
  • Limit your emails and social media.

Know Your Triggers

Know your triggers when it comes to procrastination. For example, if you take lunch with a friend in the middle of the work day, is it too difficult to return to a work mindset? Does other information on the Internet deter you from your objective?
Know where you’re most likely to fall victim to procrastination and do your best to remove these situations from your work day. You may not be able to do it every single work day, but you can keep an eye out for these triggers when you want to get a lot done.

Know Your Triggers

As a small business owner, emails and social media are a way of life. If they’re getting in the way of more important work, you must begin to put a cap on how often you check email in the morning or evening. It should be the same for social media.
Set aside half an hour for emails each morning and evening, along with 15 minutes for social media check-ins. Depending on how fast your business moves, you may need to add a 15 minute interval for social media during the day to take care of customer concerns in a speedy manner.

4 Tips For Running a Successful Small Business

4 Tips For Running a Successful Small Business

Running a small business is big task. Breaking down your objectives is a great way to take your small business to the next level. You want your employees to feel like a team and you want to feel you have the right people in charge to help you run your business.

  • Prioritize.
  • Stay organized.
  • Delegate.
  • Celebrate successes.

Prioritize your goals for your business. Make sure you are realistic and have the resources to achieve these goals. You want to move down the list of goals so you feel you’ve taken care of the most important things on your list. Staying organized helps these efforts tremendously. It’s up to you whether you do that through your phone, a spreadsheet or a cloud system that allows the entire team to stay updated on your goals as a company.

Don’t be afraid to delegate your work. You want to have a team who is willing and able to take on various tasks. Be a boss who is comfortable delegating work to employees and give employees the autonomy to do this on their own. You want to identify who are your key players and can take on new tasks and help the company grow.

Be sure to celebrate your company’s successes. You do not want to have a string of successes that aren’t acknowledged. You want to help employees feel appreciated throughout their productivity. The best way is to celebrate successes, which will give you and your team the boost to see yourselves through to the next goal.

3 Reasons to Start Your Business Part Time

3 Reasons to Start Your Business Part Time

There are many reasons to start your business part time, but these three are at the top of most lists. This applies to any small business, but it’s especially beneficial for the budding entrepreneur who is taking their risk with a new business.

  • You have financial security.
  • You can turn back at any moment.
  • Less pressure.

When you are on your own as a small business owner, you have zero financial security. You’re taking a major plunge and much of the time, you’re putting up your own money for your business. Financial security is something many people need as they inch their way into the world of being an entrepreneur. You want to feel confident in what you’re doing and often having that financial security behind you, allows you to have that edge to succeed.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle isn’t for everyone. You may realize this only a few months into your new business. If it’s a part-time venture, you don’t have to worry how fast you succeed. You can turn back at any time. You can also analyze your business plan and tweak it as you develop your business.

All of this leads to less pressure. Less pressure to succeed at a rapid pace can take a major weight off of you as a small business owner. You are able to analyze the market and do it at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Once your business grows, you can consider going full-time, but many entrepreneurs are happy to keep a full time job and their small business for years.

How to Identify Your Niche as a Business

How to Identify Your Niche as a Business

When people have ideas and start projects, it’s easy to see things in a very broad manner. You want everyone to understand your idea from the beginning. That’s awesome enthusiasm, but the truth is if you are zeroing in on a new market you will not immediately appeal to everyone. You will need to identify your niche as a business and target that market in order to grow your company.

  • Develop a strong identity of who wants your product.
  • Realize who your product helps.

The more you know about the people who immediately take to your product, the better. This gives you an idea of who loves your product and who will suggest it to other consumers. This initial group is considered the  superusers or superfans for your company and will serve as advocates for developing a customer base simply by sharing their experience with others. Examine what else this user enjoys and how you can use that to your advantage to market and improve what your company offers.

Realize who your product helps. Not all products are needed by everyone on the planet. You want to see where there’s a void for your product’s purpose and go from there. This is the ideal way to see what else you can offer the consumer whether it’s an extension of this product or an entirely new product for your brand. These are the best ways to identify your niche as a business and watch your company prosper.