5 Greatest Things about Not Having an Office

internet computerMost start-ups founded today will never have a real office to call their own. Most will never actually need one since most work can be done with computers over the internet. There are some who might feel like the newest generation of workers is missing out on something because they will never know how it feels to hang around the water-cooler or experience the thrill of upgrading to a corner office.

While there are certainly reasons to miss the old office, there are also many reasons to be glad those days are over. Here are five reasons you should be glad that you don’t have to deal with an office anymore.

1.     Office Politics

There are few things sadder than being dragged into a tangled web of intrigue over the fact that someone took someone else’s parking space last Tuesday. Yet, these meaningless acts can turn into a game of shadows that lasts entire careers. Careful that you don’t mess up someone’s sandwich order at the deli, you may just make yourself a lifelong nemesis.

2.     The Conversations You Don’t Want to Hear

An unfortunate part of working in an office is having the medical histories of most of your co-workers and their extended families. Whether it’s the trouble the secretary’s grandma is having with her hip, or that weird mole that Steve from accounting is having checked out—you’re going to get an earful.Uh-oh, here comes Dan. You can tell by the look on his face that you are about to get some very detailed news about his irritable bowel syndrome.

3.     The Awkward Parties

What’s more awkward than an office party? It might be more fun if everyone “got into it”. However, that’s difficult when the strongest drink on the table is diet Dr. Pepper, and three levels of bosses are standing right beside you. Besides, there’s always one guy who really gets into it…and no one wants to be that guy.

4.     Waiting For Your Coffee or the Bathroom

If you’ve been working from home for a long time, you’ve probably forgotten what it’s like to have to wait for the things that help you be more productive. Nothing stokes the flames of fury in your soul more than making a fresh pot of coffee and returning to find it gone before you could get a drop of it.

Even worse is when you finally do get that coffee in you, and find out you are going to be waiting for half an hour to relieve your stressed bladder. Now all that’s left for you to do is hope against hope that the toilet won’t be clogged when you get there. Honestly though, that’s probably asking too much.

5.     Tolerating Other People’s Definition of Hygiene

Part of working in an office environment is learning all the ways people can be different from one another. A wide variety of lifestyle differences make the world a more exciting and interesting place…except when those differences are related to soap. When those differences are related to soap, it contributes to the misery of everyone except the one single proudly odorous individual.

Rejoice in Your Independence

Stand proud if you don’t have an office for your business. You’re living the dream. Sure you may not enjoy the nice amenities of a high-rise view of the city. No one is going to deliver your mail to your desk, and no one is ever going to ask you about your day. You get to keep one thing they give up though, and that thing is your sanity.

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