11 Ways to Tell You’re a Micromanager

11 Ways to Tell You’re a Micromanager

No one likes to work under a micromanager. It can be very difficult and stressful. As an owner or a manager, it is very important to the life of your company that your employees don’t see you that way. It can lead to problems running your business and keeping employees. How can you tell if you are micromanaging? Here are 11 signs.

  1. You are overloaded with work because you refuse to or can’t delegate tasks.
  2. You assign work to someone, then find out it’s not being done the way you think or want it to be done, so you take it away from them and do it yourself.
  3. When you assign a project, you leave little to no room for other people to make suggestions or take the initiative.
  4. You have a project manager, but you always take over their role.
  5. You rarely or never complete a project on time because you are so obsessed with the details.
  6. You have your employees check in with you frequently, all the time.
  7. No one on your team wants to be bothered with you or have a one-on-one conversation with you.
  8. Your employees need your approval for every little thing before they move on.
  9. You have a very high, unreasonable turnover rate.
  10. You question everything, down to the tiniest, most insignificant detail.
  11. You feel like nothing will get done properly unless you do it yourself.

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